Initial structure August 1987 .Foxtrott
Formers: McCar - Vocal/Guitar, Kartokha- Vladimir Kartashov- Bass Guitar
Udzy Ono - Vadik - Guitar, Slon - Dmitry Kraskov Michael de Voz- Michael Voznyi- Keys

New structure:
Formers: McCar Vladimir Macarovsky- Vocal/Guitar ,
Guitar/Acustik Guitar- Chip Sergey Cheplenko , Drums - Finger - Valery Paltsev
, Bass - Roman Babich
The basic direction - Trash'n'Blues

      Group named Foxtrott is still undiscovering one. No records of Foxtrott get into show business machine. All works have done in South Ukraine sunbaked land. Foxtrott’s songs might have been heard from stages of Kherson, Odessa, Nikolayev e.t.c. Let’s back to the beginning. It was 1987. Five men were destined to meet & create some heavy bluesy crew (little bit progressive yet ). Some of them were educated in musical college, somebody was bring up in jailhouse (some grass, you know) but everybody felt like Big Time is gonna come’’. Band was named ‘’Forgotten’’ (in pazitist mood). Each former’s took a bank credit (5000 USSR rub.) & the band has left for Moskow.You know, all the roads led to Moskow then. Guys knew it well:Moskow’s waiting for the heavy guitar cords.
      Two months were wasted in capitol of USSR. In vain. (We always remember Baykonoor cinema & Moby Dick group. I send you my ‘’hello’’ Andrew Antonov). Why in vain? Because Of non-commercial kind of music (& they was tellin’ me…).
      Guys have run out of money. Coming winter promised none.
Stop. Back to UA. Back home. Name was changed to Foxtrott (a joke) Youpzi Ono’s left for tourist riverboat.


      As all the Great it stretches for long term (whole decade) it never get into Foxtrott’s machine, yet it always been waving around, washing people out from the desk. They were in stuff of ‘’Foxtrott’s & they left for another business. Micada, Jenya Mosin, Struyk, Valyok Yakimenko, Gene Grimov.

Biggest events of last decade:

          - 1991: interchance festival (Kyiv)
          - 1993:Chervona Ryta (Donetsk)
          - 1995:Wielka Orchestra Swientecnei Pomocy. Poland. Zabrize.
          - 1994, 1995, 1996:Tribute to Gankevich :Odessa
Radio Hit parade of FM Radiostations:
          ‘’Foxtrott’’ get on final CD as one of winners.

The latest stuff of ‘’Foxtrott’’ has made 1999’s issue-
‘’Live on the Moon’’.

Now Band’s working in nightclubs & pubs.

What tomorrow is gonna bring?
Heaven knows…

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